Material Specifications:
  1. All galvanized ductwork is fabricated by using ASTM A90, A568, A653, and A924 commercial grade lock forming G-90/G-60 materials.
  2. All material and gauges can be fabricated per SMACNA's construction standards, per UMC's construction standards or per the customers specific construction requirements.
  3. Options of stainless steel, aluminum, paintable galvanized, and other materials available upon request.
Ductwork Specifications:
  1. Full Section (wrap around): One piece joint section with one button lock or Pittsburgh lock longitudinal seam and end treatment required for joining connectors.
  2. Half Section: Two-piece joint section with two button lock or Pittsburgh lock longitudinal seams and end treatment required for joining connectors.
  3. Four Piece Section: Four-piece joint section with four button lock or Pittsburgh longitudinal seams and end treatment required for joining connectors.
  4. All duct is beaded on 12 centers, with first bead 6 from end for extra strength. Cross breaking is available upon request.
  5. All duct is available in any length requested. Standard lengths are 4, 5, or 6'.
  6. All slips and drives, nuts, bolts, gaskets, and reinforcements are included on duct and fitting quotes.
  7. All duct and fittings are available lined or unlined.
  8. Rectangular duct can be shipped unassembled (KD), or fully assembled.
  9. All rectangular fittings are shipped assembled, unless otherwise requested.
Lined Ductwork:
  1. Duct liner installed has been tested in accordance with the procedures set forth in NFPA-90A, by Underwriters Laboratories and the manufacturer of the duct liner material. Operating temperatures to 250 F, velocities up to 3,000 FPM. Available in thickness from to 3, and densities from 1 to 3 pounds per cubic foot.
  2. Flame retardant, water based adhesive, as well as spot welded pins, are used to adhere the duct liner to the duct wall. Approximate operating temperature for the adhesive is 30 to 160 F.
Seams and Transverse Connections:
  1. Button lock, available in 28 gauge through 20 gauge.
  2. Pittsburgh lock, available in 26 gauge through 18 gauge.
  3. Spot welded lock, available in 28 gauge through 16 gauge.
  4. Continuous welded lock, available in 20 gauge through 10 gauge.
  5. Slip and Drive connections available with notch and open hem for drive; customer to specify placement of Slip and Drive
  6. TDC (Transverse Duct Connections) is an excellent low air leakage system wherein a flange is roll formed onto the end of the duct, creating a bolt-up connection that is more economical than traditional 4 bolt connectors.
  7. 4 Bolt flange connectors are available for higher static pressure systems.
  8. Pressure sealant is available upon request. Consult your code or construction manuals for sealant requirements.
All statements, technical information, and recommendations contained herein are based on tests believed to be reliable, but the accuracy thereof is not guaranteed.