Manual Control Volume Dampers
-Continuous 3/8 Square Aluminum Rod
-Aluminum end bearing with rubber O-ring and spring steel retaining ring.
-1 Standoff (18 Gauge galvanized)
-Locking quadrant with Nylon Bushing
-18 Gauge galvanized damper blade
-Stamped for extra rigidity!
-24 Gauge galvanized sleeve
-Round 6 to 14 diameter
-Fully Assembled
-Crimp x Raw
-Larger diameters, rectangular and oval sleeves
-Internally lined pipe and heavier gauges
Vanemate Rail & Canvas Shear
-The fast and safe way to cut turning vane rail and canvas connector material.
-Uses compressed air and 110V electricity
-Easily bench mounted, takes up little space
-Counter on machine eliminates the need to keep track of number of pieces cut
-Large safety guards keep hands out of harm's way
-Makes clean, even cuts....No Burrs!
Turning Vane & Rail System
The Vanemate system from ECO is a patented innovation that has been proven stronger than any other vane and rail system currently available, and Reduces turning vane assembly labor by as much as 50%.

The key to the system is in the patented snaplock design. Buttons punched in the ends of the vanes when they are cut 'snap' into slots in our specially designed rail.

Buttons in the vanes can be formed by using the Vanemate cutter, available in 2" or 4" models, which simultaneously shears the vane to length while punching the button in each end. If a shear type vanemaker is being used, a simple modification to the shear blade will automatically punch the button holes.

ECO rail is specially designed to accept the buttons in the vanes, to create a very strong connection. Another unique design feature is that the rail nests together for easy storage, and the insert tabs are pre-formed at 90, so less time is spent preparing the rail for final assembly.

The vane/rail sections can either be pushed together manually, or by using the Vanemate assembler. No peening, chiseling, or welding is required; the system is locked together!

Sealants and Adhesives
Water based duct sealants
Water based duct liner adhesives
Gasket Tape
Spray Adhesive

Duct Liner
From to 2 Thick
Up to 72 wide
Preformed Round Liner

Flat Stock
Up to 60 Wide
28 gauge to 16 gauge

Ward Industries Products
4 Bolt Connector
Keating Couplings
Access Doors
Flexible Connector Material